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Most people a couple years back would not even know who this young producer Audien was. Fast forward to now and Audien has emerged himself as one of the best progressive producers right now in the EDM scene. His productions consist of Hindsight, Iris, Leaving You, and Circles. All of those tracks have that signature Audien progressive sound that makes people feel amazing and makes the people enjoy the music in that moment. Putting all of those tracks into perspective you now have to look at his newest production Something Better featuring Lady Antabellum. This was a track that was something different that Audien and maybe no other EDM producer has ever done, collaborating with a country artist. The track Something Better combines that country sing along with a beautiful melody and catchy Audien drop. Something Better has without a doubt been the track of the summer but, Audien is not done. On Tuesday, Audien announced that he will be releasing his new EP called Daydreams and yesterday he gave us a sneak peak of one track on his SounCloud page called Rooms. The EP will definitely be a huge project for Audien and his fans and he he is sure to over deliver with his amazing progressive sound. Stayed tuned!


Click Here to Buy “Daydreams” on iTunes

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