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Armin van Buuren is a name that needs no introduction. He’s legendary and can be called an all time favorite DJ. The one thing no one can deny is his loyal fan following, and it has always been like this because he has been always there for trance music.

Van Buuren never left the scene and despite producing many other genres he has always been a part of mainstream trance. He’s been all around the world and performed as a headliner in the biggest stages in the EDM world. Van Buuren has also been #1 DJ for three consecutive years on the annual Top-100 DJ poll announced by DJ-MAG as well as in the top five for decades. There’s no denying the skills and love for the EDM scene that he has shown over all those years.

With his own label called Armada Music, the trance artist has even more legendary songs under his belt. The label has signed many world renowned artists and released their songs. Make sure to subscribe Armada’s YouTube channel if you would like to unlock a heavy dosage of vibrant melodious songs.

Recently, Armin van Buuren’s dropped another banger entitled, “My Symphony.” It was first premiered at UMF Miami 2017 Main Stage as his intro song. The track has genuine dance vibes and starts with a suspicious tune. Then, after a tiny build, synth and drums kick in and later on some element of electro has been fused into it. “My Symphony” was recently played by van Buuren in The Best of Armin Only, the biggest trance festival ever held in Netherlands. The song has been special for him as it reminds him of his journey all the way back to 80s and 90s in his struggling days.

This song surely tops the banger chart!

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