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After his successful release of “Oye,” Andre Saint-Albin is back with another release at Code-Records. Titled “Empty Promises,” his new production has a feeling, an emotion, a vibe like no other.

Building energy in the intro, Andre Saint-Albin hits the break with this emotional vocal. A plucky arp and some bass are building the track up to a feel-good progressive drop. Magical.

The drop gets you dancing. Has elements of what made progressive house good in the past, combining it with good mixing and arrangement skills. “Empty Promises” is by far my favorite production from Andre, and it is a must-download if you have Spotify or Apple music.

This one is for the main stages. Andre Saint-Albin‘s style keeps evolving. His flow on this one shows us what he really has in stock.

We can not wait for his next release, but enough words. Hit play and enjoy the music.


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