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“On A Good Day” is one of my favorite bangers of all time. As soon as I hear it, something takes over my body and I cannot help but smile. If I ever feel doubtful, literally all it takes is this song to motivate me to never give up on myself. Even on a cloudy day, I can look outside and honestly say that I, “Never seen the sun shine brighter, and it feels like me on a good day.”

This Above & Beyond banger is a pure OceanLab classic that can make every day a Good Day.


If you ever felt lonely or unappreciated, I guarantee that after listening to this vocal trance sensation, your body, soul and mind will be full of, “a thing called love, that we all forget.”

Just about anyone can easily relate to Above & Beyond’s powerful lyrics about love and hope. Their Group Therapy was created for all the people in the world to see each other as one person in a therapy session, confessing and trying to understand the meaning of life. In other words, people from all over the world with different lifestyles, religions, races, and backgrounds unite as equals to experience the musical Group Therapy with Above & Beyond. Tears of joy are unavoidable when thousands of people connect to sing along to every song, dance to every beat and turn strangers into friends… all thanks to music.  A&B share more than just music with their fans, they share unforgettable life moments.

Each time I went to one of their shows, it was a completely different life changing experience. I was even featured in their “Small Moments like these” video. I personally connect and can relate to their music because thanks to songs like “I am what I am”, I’m ok not being a perfect someone because I am the perfect me. Their songs have a great amount of positive impact on my life.

Even if you don’t think that this is your type of music, without a doubt I can say that you will change your mind once you listen closely.

What I want you to do RIGHT NOW is to stop thinking about problems, and start focusing on the amazing person within you. NOW press play to get a positive energy kick. Indulge yourself with the lyrics and find yourself within them. Go outside and take a big breath of fresh air appreciating the fact that you are blessed to take another one. “On A Good Day” can make every day a good day just as easy you took that second breath.

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