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As the summer season is quickly approaching, great new festivals and unique shows are happening throughout North America. This particular season kicks off with a very special event for all Above & Beyond fans alike; Jono, Tony, and Paavo have introduced their fans with the Acoustic II global tour with support from Solomon Grey. The Above & Beyond Acoustic Tour will span through three continents and will be held in a plethora of legendary venues like the Sydney Opera House, London’s Royal Albert Hall, and the Hollywood bowl. Above & Beyond were inspired to continue with their acoustic project following their limited and sold out 2013 acoustic tour, which was only held in London and Los Angeles. The fans just could not get enough of the beautiful array of emotion and stimulating sounds the acoustic concert embodied. Acoustic II will highlight acoustic assortments from the band’s latest No.1 album We Are All We Need as well as touching on the classics like No One on Earth and Group Therapy. Here at, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the Acoustic show at the Chicago Theater on May 12th after a completely sold out event the day prior. I truly do not know what to expect; but all I know is that I will walk out filled with emotions, just like I always do after an Above & Beyond performance.

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